Workshop:Using Advanced Sorption Methods for Characterizing Porous Materials

Thu 28 April 2022
2 hours

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This workshop is organized in collaboration with the University of Manchester. Advanced sorption techniques can be essential characterization tools in the research or catalysts, porous solids, and medical care materials. In this session, we give you a deep understanding of advanced gravimetric sorption techniques, such as Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) and Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC), and how they can be employed to gain unparalleled detail and accuracy in materials research.

Along with special guest speaker Dr. Xiaolei Fan (University of Manchester) exploring some of his recent research, the workshop features two leading Sorption Science experts from Surface Measurement Systems, Dr. Vladimir Martis and Meishan Guo, who share their expertise.

Dr. Xiaolei Fan
University of Manchester

Vladimir-profile image

Dr. Vladimir Martis
Surface Measurement Systems

Meishan Guo

Meishan Guo
Surface Measurement Systems


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