A Comprehensive Analysis of a Molecular Sieve for Carbon Capture – A Focus on Accurate Real-World Measurement Conditions

Wed 13 March 2024
15:00 GMT | 16:00 CET | 10:00 EST
1 Hours incl. Live Q&A

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Expand your understanding in sorption material analysis for carbon capture materials development as we provide innovative solutions for evaluating their effectiveness and applications in the field of carbon capture, supported by published data. Discover the power of complementary techniques including the DVS Carbon, DVS Vacuum and the BTA Frontier, designed to deliver unparalleled insights into kinetic data, competitive effects, and displacement phenomena under real world conditions. By bridging the gap between research and processing conditions, these cutting-edge techniques provide a comprehensive analysis of multicomponent systems, setting a new standard and a novel benchmark for precision and reliability in carbon capture research.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to advance your expertise and revolutionize your approach to the comprehensive analysis of sorption materials used in carbon capture. Join us as we showcase how our advanced methodologies pave the way for more accurate and insightful evaluations, ultimately driving progress and innovation in the field.

Lisa Sun headshot

Dr. Lisa Sun
Instrumentation Scientist,
Surface Measurement Systems


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