Online Workshop: Innovative Sorption Technology Solutions for Porous Materials

Thu 10 June 2021
2 hours incl. Q&A

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This in-depth online workshop explores innovative sorption techniques, technology, and applications for the study of porous materials.

Employing recent research and case studies, attendees gained a keen understanding of the groundbreaking DVS technique, and the unparalleled detail and accuracy it grants in the study of porous materials, VOCs and MOFs.


-Ionic liquids and ionogels for water sorption in low-grade heat-driven applications with Dr. Giulio Santori, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

-Impact of relative humidity on hydrophobicity and selectivity of porous adsorbents for VOC capture with Elwin Hunters Sellars, PhD Student, Imperial College London

-Novel Porous Materials for Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage: Studies Under Relevant Industrial Conditions with Paola Saenz Cavazos, PhD Student, Imperial College London

Dr. Giulio Santori
University of Edinburgh


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