Dynamic Vapour Sorption and in situ Raman application for the study of Hydrate and Solvate formation

Thu 22 October 2020
1 hours incl. Q&A

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Moisture and organic solvent sorption have a large impact on the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of many materials.

This webinar will highlight a series of water and organic solvent sorption characterization methods for determining the hydrate and solvate formation of different materials. During this presentation, we are going to highlight a series of examples of hydrates and solvation formation and stability. Moreover, we are going to present a case study of solvate formation performed with DVS and in situ Raman spectroscopy.

Using a novel dynamic flow configuration, this gravimetric experimental system can measure both competitive multicomponent adsorption as well as water sorption and glass transition processes. This characterization technique can not only be used across a wide range of materials at different temperatures but is well suited for adsorption studies using organic vapors at high partial pressures.

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Dr. Damiano Cattaneo
Product Manager
Surface Measurement Systems


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