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The world’s most advanced dual balance gravimetric vapor sorption instrument

The DVS Discovery is the latest offering in the Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) instrument range. As the world’s most advanced dual balance gravimetric sorption analyzer, the DVS Discovery combines an innovative dual balance design with outstanding vapor generation and temperature control. This increases high throughput, while reducing operator time. 

Unrivalled Capabilities

Organic and water vapor sorption kinetics and isotherm from 10 to 70 oC

Dual balance design for simultaneous mass measurements

Real-time partial pressure measurement and control

In-situ sample

Hyphenation with spectroscopic techniques (Raman, UV, IR, NIR)

Camera to monitor morphological changes

Flow-based system: Nitrogen or
dry air as carrier gas

Technical Specifications

Temperature controlled enclosure
Control range: 10 °C to 70 °C
Temperature stability ± 0.05 °C over 6 hours
Temperature resolution 0.01 °C

200 oC (maximum local temperature)
Heating ramp rates: up to 5 ºC/min
Temperature sensor: Pt-100

Manifold: 316 stainless steel
Seals: Viton® and Kalrez® or equivalent
Tubing: 1/4 inch stainless steel

1 glass reservoir as standard
Optional heated reservoir

High accuracy digital mass flow controllers
Wide dynamic range – turndown ratio 1000:1
Carrier Gas – Dry air or Nitrogen

Relative humidity range from 0 to 98% for 10 – 45 ºC
Relative humidity range from 0 to 85% for 45 – 70 ºC
Relative humidity resolution ± 0.1%
Relative humidity stability ± 0.1% over 6 hours
RH range accuracy from 10 – 45 ºC ± 0.5%
RH range accuracy from 45 – 70 ºC ± 1%

High accuracy digital mass flow controllers for vapor and gas delivery

Speed of Sound Sensor for organic vapors

Carrier Gas – Dry air or Nitrogen
Partial Pressure range from 0 to 90%
Partial Pressure accuracy from 10 – 70 °C ±1%

In-line real time Speed of Sound Sensor for organic vapor Partial Pressure (P/Po) measurements and
control with a typical resolution of ±0.1% P/Po
• Automated zeroing of Speed of Sound sensor prior to each experiment

Note: SMS limits the use of organic solvents to 20°C below their boiling points.

Solvents available:

Ethayl acetate
Ethyl benzene

Ultrabalance Low Mass
Maximum load: 1000 mg
Mass change: ±150 mg
Resolution: 0.01 μg
Balance noise: ≤ 0.3 μg

Ultrabalance High Mass
Maximum load: 5000 mg
Mass change: ±1000 mg
Resolution: 0.1 μg
Balance noise: ≤ 3 μg

Dimensions:  520 mm (W) x 980 mm (H) x 610 mm (D)
20.4″ (W) x 38.58″ (H) x 24.01″ (D)
Weight:            80 kg (180 lb)
Electrical:       200-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1500 VA

AQUA: 1 humidity sensor
Organic: 1 humidity sensor plus 1 SoS sensor, (1 reservoir)

  • Sample pre-heating
  • Vapor sorption
  • Temperature changes in a single experiment
  • Ramp or step changes in relative humidity
  • Automated video image and IR/Raman spectra acquisition
  • Complex isotherm experiments
  • Organic vapor sorptionpartial pressure
  • Experimental stages may be based on fixed-time or a user-defined dm/dt criteria
  • Experiments may include half, full or multiple partial pressure or temperature cycles
  • WindowsTM 10
  • Isotherms
  • Permeability and diffusion
  • Kinetics information
  • Surface area models
  • Amorphous content
  • Heat of sorption
  • Tg determinations

• Control Software
• Standard Analysis

• Advanced Analysis Suite
• Isotherm Analysis Suite