Hybrid Workshop:
Advanced Vapor Sorption Techniques to Study Bio-based Materials

Tues 4 Oct 2022
8:30 am BST | 10:30 am EEST | 9:30 am CEST
2 hours incl. Q&A + Lunch
In-person location:
Aalto University, Lecture room L1, Vuorimiehentie 1, 02150 Espoo, Finland

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Nachal Subramanian
Surface Measurement Systems


Prof. Daryl Williams
Imperial College London

Surface Measurement Systems

Dr. Anett Kondor
Surface Measurement Systems

Workshop partner:

Surface Measurement Systems and Finnceres are collaborating to host a free-to-attend hybrid-workshop (online & in-person) that will highlight the benefits of employing advanced sorption techniques in the characterization of bio-based materials.

Taking place both as an online workshop, and in-person at Finnceres, the workshop will feature two presentations by world-leading experts in sorption science, Prof. Daryl Williams (Imperial College London) and Dr. Anett Kondor (Surface Measurement Systems). They will introduce and explore the benefits of the Dynamic Vapor Sorption and Inverse Gas Chromatography techniques. With Live Q&As and explorations of industrial applications, it’s a great opportunity to gain detailed insight into these techniques, and how they could be employed in your research.

For those attending in person, the presentations and Q&A will be followed by a free lunch to discuss the workshop, and network with peers.


A brief introduction into Surface Measurement Systems, our history, our instruments, and a quick look at the agenda for the workshop.

with Nachal Subramanian, Surface Measurement Systems

Moisture control and measurement are critical parameters for natural fibres and cellulosic materials. For instance, moisture plays a key role in the fungal degradation and weathering of cellulose-based composites. Sorbed water molecules on the surface of cellulose materials also affect the rate of photochemical degradation.  Moisture sorption behaviour and diffusion processes are also of interest for evaluating drying kinetics. Organic vapour sorption studies would allow the study of material surface energetics, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) sorption capacity, and also retention behaviour. In this presentation, Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) methodology will be used, with several examples, to illustrate how gravimetric sorption experiments can be used to study the long-term stability of bio-based materials.

with Prof. Daryl Williams, Imperial College London, Surface Measurement Systems

The applicability and capability of sorption techniques for comprehensive surface characterization of fibres including natural fibres, ligno-cellulosic fibres, cellulose nano-fibrils (CNFs), and cellulose nano-crystals (CNCs) are well established. In this short presentation, we will give a brief introduction about the inverse gas chromatographic technique and present studies on specific surface area analysis of cellulosic materials and its challenges, how the process induced defects or changes can be measured with the technique on cellulose based materials and finally the relation between surface energy and the interface interactions in fibre/filler – matrix systems.

with Dr. Anett Kondor, Surface Measurement Systems

  • Networking Lunch (In-person meeting only)
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