Online Workshop: Understanding the Surface Properties of Fibres and their Use in Composites by Inverse Gas Chromatography


Date: Monday 8 March 2021
Time:  2pm CET | 1pm GMT
Duration: 2 hours incl. Q&A
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Co-organized with:

Dr. Sabiyah Ahmed
Application Scientist
Surface Measurement Systems Ltd
Imperial College London

This workshop covers an in-depth introduction to the Inverse Gas Chromatography – Surface Energy Analyser (iGC-SEA) technique and the applications in the study of materials such as biomedical polymers, cellulose fibres, carbon fibers and composite interactions. The case studies presented will highlight the use of the system to measure BET specific surface area, surface energy, surface heterogeneity and adhesion properties. Case studies also explore the effects of changing conditions of temperature and humidity on materials.


  • STFI Textile Essential
  • Introduction to iGC
  • Surface Energy and Heterogeneity -Sized and Unsized Fibres
  • Effect of relative humidity
  • Analysis of biomedical polymers
  • Analysis of Cellulose fibres of different types
  • Prediction of nanofiller-polyurethane composite interactions
    • Q&A -Discussion
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