Webinar: Surface Area Determination and Surface Energy Calculations using Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC)

Date: Tuesday, 28 July 2020
Time: 10:00 BST | 11:00 CEST & 11:00 EDT (USA)
Duration: 25 mins plus Q&A

This webinar will present the theory and calculation process of the BET Specific Surface Area (SSA) and Surface Energy analysis using inverse Gas Chromatography and the comparison with other techniques. Inverse Gas Chromatography can be used to measure both infinite and finite dilution experiments depending on the requirement of the application. BET SSA analysis is a finite dilution experiment requiring saturation to monolayer coverage of the surface with the vapor phase probe molecules and where solute-solute interactions can occur. Conversely, surface energy analysis requires infinite dilution where only solute-solid material interaction occurs. For infinite dilution experiments, the retention time of the probe will depend upon the interaction strength with the solid surface. By this means, retention volume is calculated by taking into account solute-solid interactions only and the infinite dilution injection range should be selected carefully for the surface energy analysis.



Anett Kondor, PhD is the iGC-SEA Product Manager and Product Specialist of Surface Measurement Systems. Since 2004, Anett has been working on gas chromatographic (GC and iGC) techniques. She studied chemical engineering at the University of Pannonia, Hungary where she received her MSc in Chemical Engineering, accredited by British Institution of Chemical Engineers, and her PhD in Chemistry and Environmental Science. She published several research work in peer-reviewed journals collaborating with research groups around the world (Deakin University – Australia, Composite Innovation Centre Canada, Teagasc Ireland, Boku University Austria, Liverpool John Moores University UK, Givaudan Switzerland and so on). Her research interest lies in the area of surface characterization of different solid materials and improvements in inverse gas chromatographic technique.

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