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Webinar: Determination of Flavour and Fragrance-Matrix Interactions by Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC)


The determination of flavour and fragrance-matrix interactions is of high interest in the food and textile industry since a quantification of these interactions allows for a better understanding of the release behaviour and the mechanism involved. As many release processes are humidity and temperature dependent an accurate control of these parameters during an experiment is required.

There are very few techniques which can be used for this kind of study since they are either not accurate enough or do not permit a study at different humidities. For this reason Inverse Gas Chromatography Surface Energy Analyzer (iGC-SEA) has become an attractive alternative. iGC-SEA involves the sorption of a known vapour (a flavor or fragrance component) onto a stationary phase prepared out of the matrix material. This matrix can be either solid (e.g. a sugar or cotton) or a supported liquid (e.g. an oil base). iGC-SEA is highly sensitive and the impact of background humidity can easily be studied at constant temperature.

Event details

Presenter: Dr. Sabiyah Ahmed

Date: 28th January 2020

Time: 2pm (GMT) 30 minutes including Q&A

Venue: Online