Webinar: Comparative single solvent and multi solvent sorption studies using DVS and Raman spectroscopy

Date: Thursday, 23 July, 2020
Time: 10am BST (11am CEST) & 11am EDT
Duration: 25 mins plus Q&A

Moisture has a large impact on the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of many materials. Organic solvent sorption studies can be particularly useful for understanding the surface and bulk properties of different materials, such as BET surface area, porosity, diffusion and permeability.

Comparative studies

This webinar will highlight a series of experimental methods of water and organic solvent sorption characterization techniques for determining vapour sorption isotherms of titanium oxide. Using a novel dynamic flow configuration, this gravimetric experimental system can measure both competitive multicomponent adsorption and water sorption processes as well as glass transition phenomena. This characterization technique can not only be used across a wide range of materials at different temperatures, but is well suited for adsorption studies using organic vapours at high partial pressures.

We will also highlight the results obtained using an in-situ Raman spectrometer, and how the association of both techniques can help us understand the sorption properties of different materials



Dr. Damiano Cattaneo
Instrumentation Scientist and DVS Product Manager (Complex Solid)
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