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Monday, February 15, 2021

08:00 am. Registration and Breakfast

09:00 Introduction by Dr. Daryl Williams – Surface Measurement Systems

09:10 Powder Characterization in Additive Manufacturing
Speaker: Dr. Kristian Waters – McGill University

9:50 Monitoring Annealing Behavior of a Micronized Crystalline Drug using Surface Free Energy Distribution Profiles Speaker: Dr. Vibha Puri – Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA

10:30 Morning break

10:50 Recent Developments in the Surface Characterization of Cellulosic Nanofibers
Speaker: Dr. Douglas J. Gardner – University of Maine

11:30 Application of iGC in Mineral Processing and Recycling
Speaker: Dr. Maria Holuszko – University of British Columbia

12:10 pm. Lunch

01:10 A Facile Process via “Cell Wall Cell Plastics” to Advance High-Performance in Microplastics by Surface-Coating with Amphiphilic Janus Nanocellulose | Speaker: Dr. Tetsuo Kondo – Kyushu University

01:50 iGC and Continuous Processing of Powders Through the Relation with Other Powder Properties
Speaker: Dr. Gerardo Callegari – Rutgers University

02:30 Afternoon break

02:50 Glass Surface Energetics and Work of Adhesion
Speaker: Dr. Wanda Walczak – Corning Inc.

03:30 New iGC Application Spaces for High Temperature Measurements and Heat of Sorption Derived Solubility Parameter | Speaker: Dr. Anett Kondor – Surface Measurement Systems

04:10 Panel Discussion – Surface Energy Heterogeneity as Measured by iGC
Panel: Dr. Daryl Williams, Dr. Dan Burnett, Dr. Anett Kondor

04:40 Poster Presentations and Refreshment

05:40 Dinner

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

08:00 am. Breakfast

09:00 Physicochemical Properties of Soil and Geologic Materials by iGC
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Denis – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

09:40 Reaction Kinetics of Surface Labeled Cellulose Nanomaterials
Speaker: Dr. Jeremiah Woodcock – National Institute of Standards and Technology

10:20 Morning break

10:50 Use of Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) as a Tool for Solid State Surface Characterization
Speaker: Dr. Stephanus Axnanda – Merck

11:30 Insight into Material Properties and Performance via Inverse Gas Chromatography
Speaker: Dr. Richard R. Durand Jr. – Sun Chemical

12:10 pm. Lunch

01:10 Interface and Mechanical Properties Relationships in Simple Polymeric Composites
Speaker: Dr. Claron J. Ridge – Air Force Research Laboratory

01:50 Characterization of Sorbent Materials Designed for Hazardous Chemical Sampling and Storage
Speaker: Dr. Michael Papantonakis – Naval Research Laboratory

02:30 Afternoon break

02:50 Effect of Surface Properties on the Performance of Polysaccharide Materials used in Food and Pharmaceuticals
Speaker: Dr. Rodolfo Pinal – Purdue University

03:30 Conclusion