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Invited Speakers

Stacy Manni, Eglin Air Force Base (Defense)

Vibha Puri, Celgene Corp.
Monitoring Annealing Behavior of a Micronized Crystalline Drug using Surface Free Energy Distribution Profiles

Dr. Douglas J. Gardner, University of Maine
Recent developments in the surface characterization of cellulosic nanofibers

Dr. Ali H. Virani, Sun Chemical (Films)
Insight into Material Properties and Performance via Inverse Gas Chromatography

Raimundo Ho, Abbvie

Geoffray Tan, Monash University

Dr. Stephanus Axnanda, Merck

Gerardo Callegari, Rutgers University

Dr. Steve Page, Procter and Gamble (Fibers, Fragrance)

Prof. Tetsuo Kondo, Kyushu University

Dr. Alex Bismarck, University of Vienna

Dr. Krisitan Waters, McGill University

Dr. Maria Holuszko, University of British Columbia

Jeremiah Woodcock, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Prof. Daryl Williams, Imperial College London