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About the symposium

Gravimetric sorption based techniques have undergone rapid instrumentation developments over the past 10 years. Advancements in these methods have not only enhanced materials characterization, but have resulted in new types of sorption science methodologies.

The motivation behind the advancements in sorption instrumentation, in particular Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS), was driven by the development of novel classes of materials with controlled pore structure as well as the need to develop a deeper scientific understanding of the behavior of many new types of organic and inorganic solids. This is the first symposium in North America dedicated to the rapidly developing area of gravimetric sorption science and supports a unique interdisciplinary program with sorption experts discussing the challenges and opportunities in gravimetric techniques that are employed to study pharmaceutical, biological, food, zeolite/MOF, building, mineral, fuel cell, filtration, fiber and filler materials.

The focus of the symposium highlights what vapor/gas sorption instrumentation such as DVS can do scientifically and how sorption science provides solutions for rational design of new materials and improved manufacturing processes.

The invited speakers will give talks covering topics including; drying kinetics, stability of pharmaceutical and food ingredients, chemical and size selectivity of porous materials, moisture or solvent induced phase changes in crystalline and amorphous materials; diffusion and transport properties of polymers, powders and packaging materials.

Target audience

Researchers, scientists, industry professionals and PhD students in fields of:

Building materials
Fuel cells

Invited Speakers

Dr. Ryan Lively, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. John M. Zielinski, Intertek

Dr. Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton

Dr. Joshua Thompson, Chevron Energy Technology Company

Dr. Calvin Sun, University of Minnesota

Dr. Ilia Ivanov, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Patrick Marsac, University of Kentucky

Dr. Alfred Lee, Merck

Dr. Jeffrey Brum, GlaxoSmithKline

Dr. Rachel Forcino, GlaxoSmithKline

Dr. Krishna Jayachandrababu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Roman Shimanovich, Amgen

Dr. Donald Riederer, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Dr. Daryl Williams, Imperial College London

Dr. Dan Burnett, Surface Measurement Systems

Dr. Vladimir Martis, Surface Measurement Systems