Speakers’ Biography

Dr Adam Voelkel

Prof Adam Voelkel, Professor, Poznań University of Technology, Poznań, Poland graduated from Faculty of Chemical Technology PUT in 1976. Involved in the development and application of inverse gas chromatography and other chromatographic techniques in physicochemical characterization of various materials. Recently part of his group works on characterization of biomaterials including dental fillings, modified ceramic materials. Prof. Voelkel is author of approx. 200 papers including chapters in several books.


Dr Daryl Williams

Dr Daryl Williams graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physical Chemistry from University of Melbourne, Australia and a M.Sc. in Polymer Science from Lehigh University, USA before coming to Imperial College London to start his Ph.D. Daryl has published over 80 papers in refereed journals, been granted international 5 patents and speaks regularly at international conferences and workshops. He is the Director of the Discovery Space and a Reader in Particle Science in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College. Imperial College is consistently rated in the top 5 universities in the world and the Chemical Engineering Department is one of the largest and top rated Departments internationally.


Prof Alex Bismarck Prof Alexander Bismarck, Professor, Advanced Materials, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Materials Chemistry & Research at University of Vienna, Austria. He has expertise on polymers, composite, porous materials and hydrogels characterization.




Dr Beata Strzemiecka

Dr Beata Strzemiecka studied Chemical Technology on the Faculty of Chemical Technology at Poznan University of Technology in Poland. Her PhD thesis “Physicochemical characteristic of raw materials and semi-products and the properties of the abrasive tool” is under Prof Adam Voelkel supervision.



Dr Anett Kondor Dr Anett Kondor , Senior Application Scientist and Product Manager for iGC-SEA at Surface Measurement Systems, United Kingdom. She has expertise on chromatographic technique and surface characterization.




Dr Jerry Heng Dr Jerry Heng, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom