Sorption Science Bulletin 2022

We are happy to present this collection of Application Notes and Case Studies, as well as reference guide to a range of collaborative studies we worked on with our partners over 2022. We hope they provide useful guidance and insight for your next sorption experiment.

SMS Sorption Science Notes/Case Studies

Impact of RH on VOC’s
Application Note 65

Overview of Speed of Sound sensor
Application Note 66

Hydroxyl group accessibility in Cellulose Fibrewith Dynamic VapourSorption Technique
Application Note 67

Hair damage characterization using Dynamic VapourSorption Tg(RH) measurements
Application Note 68

Introduction to DVS Endeavour system
Application Note 107

Amorphous content determination using amorphous and crystalline standards
Application Note 108

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Sorption Science Studies

A. Williams, I. Altman, D.Burnett, E.G. Zorrilla, A.R. Garcia, C. Cagle, C.L. Croessmann, and M. Pantoya; Variations in aluminum particle surface energy and reactivity induced by annealing and quenching, Applied Surface Science, 579 152185 (2022)

M. Silva, J.P. Baltrus, D.J. Burnett, and J. Baltrusaitis; Water Adsorption on Hydroxyapatite and Struvite as a Function of Relative Humidity: Application of BET and Freundlich Adsorption Models, ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 6(2) 431-443 (2022)

M. Suzuki, A. Kondor, Y. Sakuraba, O. Rojas, and M. Ago; Surface energy properties of lignin particles studied by inverse gas chromatography and interfacial adhesion in polyester composites with electromagnetic transparency, Cellulose 29, 2961–2973 (2022)

D. Gomez-Maldonado, A.M. Reynolds, D.J. Burnett, R. Jayachandra Babu, M.N. Waters, and M.S. Peresin, Delignified wood aerogels as scaffolds coated with an oriented chitosan–cyclodextrin co-polymer for removal of microcystin-LR, RSC Advances, 12(31) 20330-20339 (2022)

E. Gulcay-Ozcan, P. Iacomi, G. Rioland, G. Maurin, and S. Devautour-Vinot, Airborne Toluene Detection Using Metal−Organic Frameworks, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,14,48,53777-53787 (2022)