Surface Measurement Systems Expands Service Capability in India

As Surface Measurement Systems continues to expand its customer base and increase its presence in new and further territories, the company has taken steps to develop the subsidiary operations of its SMS India Office. This expansion will have a special focus on the service and aftersales care with the creation of a full-time service unit. Based in Hyderabad, this team will enable SMS India to respond quickly and efficiently to support requests, and generally provide a new, higher level of regional customer support.

At the centre of this expansion is Director of Sales & Operations for SMS India, Vilas Bendre:

I take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continuous support during these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to the of growth this business, keeping quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

We also wish to thank both our new and existing customers who have shown immense faith in our Products and services. Your trust in us by way of service contracts has helped us to expand our service team to cater to your needs faster by reducing turnaround time.

Vilas Bendre, Director of Sales & Operations, SMS India Pvt.

To find out more about this expansion in our India operations, or to place a quote or support query, please contact Vilas Bendre at [email protected], or on +91 742 004 8972.