Leadership Team

Prof Williams

Prof. Daryl Williams

Managing Director

Professor Daryl R. Williams graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physical Chemistry from University of Melbourne, Australia and a M.Sc. in Polymer Science from Lehigh University, USA before coming to Imperial College London complete his PhD. He is founder and Managing Director of Surface Measurement Systems and the Professor of Particle Science in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College.


Dan B

Dr. Daniel J Burnett

Vice President, North America

Dr. Daniel J. Burnett is the Vice President for Surface Measurement Systems, North America. His team works on research studies and science applications for many prominent companies.

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Tim Collins

Dr. Timothy Collins

Director of Engineering

Dr. Timothy Collins gained his B.Sc. and D.Phil. in Chemical Physics at the University of Sussex, where he studied molecular dynamics using molecular beams and laser spectroscopy. He then went on to hold post-doctoral research associate jobs at the IRC in Polymer Science and Technology at the University of Leeds and later the University of Bradford studying structure-property relationships of polymers.

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Leanne D

Leanne Dalsanto

Finance Director

Leanne is a CIMA qualified, commercially focused accountant with the skills and discipline growing companies need to thrive. A hybrid accountant, she has experience in Business Development, HR and Operations through to Sales & Marketing which gives her a well roundedness, that is rare in most accountants.

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