| 02 April 2020

Particle Testing Authority and Surface Measurement Systems Limited
announce new strategic alliance in Germany

Enhanced access to dynamic vapor sorption technology for customers across Europe

Norcross, GA/USA and London, UK – Particle Testing Authority (PTA), Micromeritics’ ISO17025 accredited contract testing laboratory, and Surface Measurement Systems, the global leader in sorption science, today announced a strategic alliance to enhance access to dynamic vapor sorption technology in Europe and especially Germany. PTA customers can now complement existing material characterization schedules with dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) testing to generate more complete sample profiles in the Munich-Unterschleißheim facility. At the same time, Surface Measurement Systems enables efficient customer sample testing and localized sales demonstrations in a key geography with the shared space. DVS provides important information for a broad range of industrial products including pharmaceuticals, foods, biopharmaceuticals, polymers, zeolites/metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), petrochemicals, fine chemicals and catalysts.

“Surface Measurement Systems is the global leader in DVS technology, so we’re delighted to add these new systems to the lab as we work towards becoming the most complete materials characterization service in Europe,” said Greg Thiele, General Manager, PTA. “We already have this technology in our laboratory in Norcross-Atlanta and we recognize the value of DVS for many of our clients, notably those in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors. DVS testing directly complements many of the measurements we already offer such as particle size and shape, and specific surface area, making it a great addition to our portfolio.”

DVS is a gravimetric sorption technique that measures how much of a solvent is adsorbed by the sample, and how quickly. The sorption of water vapor by dry powders is a common focus of testing, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry because of the potential impact of moisture on drug stability and efficacy. However, testing may be performed with many other solvents, for example, to assess the potential of a new sorbent. Two Surface Measurement Systems DVS instruments will be installed in the Munich laboratory as a result of the alliance: The DVS Resolution as an advanced system for precise testing under well-controlled temperature and relative humidity next to the specified DVS Vacuum for measuring vapor and gas isotherms under low ambient pressure.

“This alliance significantly strengthens our ability to provide the highest quality support to customers in the DACH (Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH)) region,” said Prof. Daryl Williams, Managing Director, Surface Measurement Systems. “an area with a high concentration of industries that can benefit from DVS data. The set-up in the PTA lab will enable us to effectively demonstrate the performance and ease of use of our DVS systems and we look forward to working with PTA to help customers optimize their application of this valuable technique.”


Particle Testing Laboratory in Munich-Unterschleißheim | DVS Resolution & DVS Vacuum, Dual Vapor Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer by Surface Measurement Systems

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Particle Testing Authority (PTA) is an ISO 17025 accredited, cGMP compliant, FDA registered and inspected contract laboratory for the characterization of fine powders and solid materials. With a track record of excellence PTA is a trusted lab service partner to customers across all powder processing industries including the pharmaceutical, chemical, coating, catalyst, mineral, and polymer sectors. Our testing services provide comprehensive particle characterization from particle size/shape, pore volume, surface area, and density to bulk powder testing with dynamic testing capabilities for quantifying powder flowability. An experienced, highly trained team of scientists, engineers, and lab personnel work closely with every client to ensure that all analytical requirements are rapidly and responsively addressed. Particle Testing Authority is based in Norcross, Georgia, USA with additional centers in place to meet the needs of multinational clients: The Shanghai, China laboratory supports a growing Chinese customer base and increasing demand across Asia, while a European laboratory in Munich-Unterschleißheim, Germany, provides particle testing services for European customers.

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Surface Measurement Systems develops and engineers innovative experimental techniques and instrumentation for physico-chemical characterisation of complex solids. We are the world leaders in Dynamic Vapor Sorption technology and Inverse Gas Chromatography instrumentation and solutions, providing professional world-class scientific and technical support for our international customers. By carefully controlling, measuring and analysing the physico-chemical interaction of vapors with solid samples such as powders, fibres and films. Surface Measurement Systems can help solve problems in research and development, such as stability studies and drying performance, through to manufacturing and quality control. Our range of characterization instruments and scientific/engineering techniques has helped solve difficult problems in the pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, polymers catalysts, chemical, cosmetics and food industries, and are used by hundreds of leading laboratories and universities throughout the world. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom and have offices in the USA and India and supply solutions throughout the world.

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