Join Surface Measurement Systems at the Surface Energy Characterization and Dynamic Vapor Sorption techniques for Paper, Fillers and Composite Applications seminar

Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) characterization studies of Paper, Cellulose and Fillers (Damiano Cattaneo, Surface Measurement Systems)

Moisture has a large impact on the mechanical properties of paper and fillers. Due to the strong hygroscopicity of the most of the fibres itself, a change in the ambient atmosphere instantly leads to changed properties, such as stiffness and dimensions. This also affects the creep proprieties of the paper. For a material under load mechano-sorptive creep occurring at repeated changes in climate can lead to rapture. This effect might be connected with the changes of elastic module during sorption.

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Surface Characterization of Fillers, Fibres and Polymers by iGC for Developing Composites investigating Sorption Properties of MOFs and Zeolites (Dr Anett Kondor, Surface Measurement Systems)

Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) is a commonly used technique to characterize solid surfaces. Different physicochemical properties of solid materials that can be determined with iGC including surface energy, Lewis acid and base constants and therefore the specific pair interaction parameter (Ka, Kb, Isp), solubility parameter (δT, δD, δP, δH), glass transition temperature (Tg), Work of Cohesion and Adhesion (Wcoh, Wadh) and so on. The importance of surface energies is well-known and proved by many scientific papers in the case of composites.

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