17 November 2014 | Back to Newsroom 

University of Sheffield Chemical and Biological Engineering group buys second GenRH-A to study dry and wet granulation production processes

Due to the large number of applicable projects, the Particles Project Group at Sheffield University has recently purchased a second GenRH-A ambient humidity generator within a few months of their first system. Syed Islam, a PhD student at Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK says, “The effect of humidity on common laboratory pharmaceutical powders is known. Being able to control the environmental conditions during dry and wet granulation processes is important to better understand final granule properties such as tensile strength. The GenRH system has allowed us to do this on a micro scale. It has allowed us to condition granules and samples to research the effect of humidity upon these properties. It is a simple yet powerful tool, which has allowed our research to progress further in both a quantitative and qualitative manner.”

University of Sheffield - Syed Islam

Syed Islam conditioned samples at high humidity with GenRH-A.

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