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Surface Measurement Systems launches the new DVS Adventure

Surface Measurement Systems announced the launch of Dynamic Vapor Sorption instrument – DVS Adventure.

DVS Adventure is a water vapor sorption analyzer measuring sorption and desorption isotherms over a broad range of humidities and temperatures. It offers unprecedented temperature stability and humidity performance. It provides valuable information about the interactions of a sample with water vapor that is critical for the development of new materials and processes. It contains the cumulative knowledge of 25 years’ worth of Surface Measurement Systems’ excellence in vapor generation and delivery.

Dr Daryl Williams, founder of Surface Measurement Systems and inventor of the DVS technique, stated “There’s always been an ongoing improvement in the DVS technique, the ability to provide high quality data for a wide range of materials is one of the areas of importance. DVS Adventure is something we’ve been working on for the last four years, and it can achieve high quality data. The most surprising development with the users of DVS technique is the increasing number of applications and scientific areas where data is important. Every year we discover many application areas and more problems effectively that DVS can help us solve. This is critical not only to pharmaceutical sectors but also sectors such as nanomaterials, biopharmaceuticals, polymers and food. These are areas that have increasing interest in the uses of DVS technique. So we see more and more researchers and laboratories in universities and industry using this technique.”

Water sorption behavior often varies in ways people don’t expect. Water sorption is very sensitive to the surface area, structure and morphology of the materials. Those things are quite difficult to measure with traditional analytical techniques. It is common for companies to make products and discover that the current techniques they have aren’t sensitive enough to detect subtle changes in material behavior. DVS Adventure is a powerful instrument for measuring these subtle changes in the material. DVS Adventure represents a major advancement in DVS instrumentation; greater performance on water sorption, broader temperature ranges, more options and more capabilities which allows researchers and investigators to undertake a broader range of DVS experiments. Among its outstanding capabilities are:

  • Humidity Stability over 24 hours
  • True0™ RH
  • State-of-the-Art Temperature Performance
  • Balance baseline stability of over 24 hours

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