01 April 2015 | Back to Newsroom

Surface Measurement Systems Wins Government Grant for Innovation

Surface Measurement System has secured funding from InnovateUK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) for the development of new instrumentation for thin film characterisation.

“Surface Measurement Systems has, yet again, demonstrated its commitment to continue innovating in the field of materials characterization”, said Dr. Williams. “We have been actively strengthening our Research and Development Team, to enable Surface Measurement System to continue to build on the proven track record of developing instrumentation which is used by thousands of researchers around the World.”

Surface Measurement Systems are the world leaders in Dynamic Vapour Sorption technology and Inverse Gas Chromatography instrumentation. This latest award will allow Surface Measurement System to accelerate the development of the latest new product and further enhance its portfolio of characterization instruments and scientific techniques which helps solve difficult problems in the pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, polymers catalysts, chemical, cosmetics and food industries.

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