21 August 2015 | Back to Newsroom

ANNOUNCEMENT – End of Global Collaboration between Surface Measurement Systems and Micromeritics/Particulate Systems

As Surface Measurement Systems Limited continues to grow and position ourselves for the future, periodic evaluation of every part of the business needs to occur to ensure that existing processes and relationships in place today are beneficial, so that Surface Measurement Systems Ltd can continue to evolve and thrive.

With this goal in mind, Surface Measurement Systems and Micromeritics/Particulate Systems have decided to dissolve the distribution agreement that has been in place for six years at the end of Micromeritics’ fiscal year being the 30th September 2015, except in France where the agreement will remain in place.

So, beginning on October 1, 2015, Micromeritics/Particulate Systems will no longer be distributors of the Surface Measurement Systems products (in the USA, South America and Middle East territories) although they will continue to pursue and honour all quotations that have been submitted to customers between now and the end of their fiscal year. After this time, all leads will be turned over to us here in Surface Measurement Systems.

Additionally, Micromeritics will continue to provide support to those customers who purchased Surface Measurement Systems’ instruments from Micromeritics/Particulate Systems. For any questions or need for further clarification, please contact Michelle O’Brien, International Sales Director, Surface Measurement Systems or contact Pat Wommack, General Manager of Particulate Systems.

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