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International Conference and Trade Shows in Sorption Science 2017

Please join Surface Measurement Systems in the upcoming international trade shows in 2017.

12th EIA Heat Pump Conference 2017
Date: 15 – 18 May
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Powder Characterisation CPD course
Date: 17 May
Location: University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Date: 4-6 June
Location: Italy

New Directions in Porous Crystalline Materials: Faraday Discussion
Date: 5-8 June
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

25 NaM Catalyst Society
Date: 5-7 June
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

European Drying Conference 2017
Date: 19-21 June
Location: University of Liege, Belgium

ICNF 2017
Date: 21-23 June
Location: Portugal

IFT 2017
Date: 25-28 June
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

7th International Conference on Carbon NanoParticle Based Composites
Date: 26-28 June
Location: Dresden, Germany

8th International Granulation Workshop
Date: 28-30 June
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

International FEZA Conference
Date: 3-7 July
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC13)
Date: 10-13 July
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Date: 16-19 July
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

International Rsearch Conference on Sustainable Energy, Engineering Materials & Environment
Date: 26-28 July
Location: Northumbria University, United Kingdom

Date: 20-25 August
Location: Xian, China

37th Cement & Concrete Science Conference
Date: 11-12 September
Location: London, United Kingdom

Advanced Energy Materials
Date: 11-13 September
Location: University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Aiche Conference
Date: 29 Oct -03 November
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The 9th International Symposium on Cement & Concrete
Date: 31 Oct -03 November
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

DDL 2017
Date: 6-7 December
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland