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Advances in Dynamic Vapor Sorption Methods and Surface Energy Characterization

The material characterization workshop is a free one-day event on Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) and Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) techniques. Both DVS and iGC are widely used to characterize materials across different stages of product formulation, manufacturing and quality control.

Speakers will present different applications and case studies in material characterization and there will be an instrument demonstration at the end of the workshop. This is an excellent opportunity to gain better understanding on the uses and benefits of DVS and iGC techniques.

The workshop is aimed for industry professionals and researchers whose studies are in the fields of pharmaceuticals and food. Individuals from building materials sector will also gain better understanding on the uses and benefits of DVS and iGC as scientists from Surface Measurement Systems are present to answer specific questions.

Date: Wednesday, 17th February 2016

Time: 9:00am – 1:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Venue: Stewart Centre 279 – Hosted by the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 128 Memorial Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907. Preferable parking on 120 Grant Street. For university map, please click here >

0900 – 0930: Welcome/Registration

0930 – 0945: Introduction (Dr Dan Burnett, Surface Measurement Systems)

0945 – 1015: Characterization of Food and Pharmaceutical materials by Dynamic Vapor Sorption Techniques (Dr Dan Burnett, Surface Measurement Systems)

1015 – 1100: Utility of Inverse Gas Chromatography in Consumer Product Research and Development (Dr. Steve Page – Procter & Gamble, USA)

1100 – 1115: Coffee break

1115 – 1200: The Complementarity of Information between IGC and other Characterization Techniques for Pharmaceutical Solids (Dr. Rodolfo Pinal – Purdue University, USA)

1200 – 1245: Lunch

Afternoon session

1245 – 1330: Demonstration/ Q&A/ Conclusion

For information regarding the programme, please email Mr Jim Ochs.

Seats are limited and reservations are on the first come first served basis. To register, please complete the information below:

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