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Materials Characterization using DVS and iGC-SEA techniques for Personal Care Applications

The workshop will cover in-depth Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) technique and iGC-SEA (Inverse Gas Chromatography – Surface Energy Analyzer), the most-advanced scientific instrument in determining surface energy. Some key applications conducted using DVS and iGC-SEA are:

  • DVS: Measuring BET Surface Areas Using Organic Probe Molecules
  • DVS: Measurement of Moisture Uptake Capacity in Human Hair Using Dynamic Vapour Sorption Technique.
  • DVS: Measuring TEWL or Moisture Flux Across Artificial Skin
  • iGC-SEA: Investigation of the influence of bleaching conditions on surface properties of standard hair samples by inverse gas chromatography
  • iGC-SEA: The Characterisation of Surface Area and Surface Adsorption Potential Heterogeneity Profiles of Hair by Inverse Gas Chromatography
  • iGC-SEA: The characterisation of cotton fabrics and the interaction with perfume molecules by inverse gas chromatography.



Speakers from industry and academia will discuss DVS and iGC-SEA, from theory to common applications and present real case studies. In addition, an instrument demonstrations will also be taken place at the end of all presentations.

Date: Thursday, 30th June 2016

Time: 10am – 3pm (BST)

Venue: Level 3ACEX, Lecture Theatre 3, Imperial College London, UK (South Kensington Campus).
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Morning session

1000 – 1015: Welcome / Registration

1015 – 1100: Introduction to Sorption Science (Dr Daryl Williams, Imperial College London)

1100 – 1145: Challenges and Opportunities in Personal Care Formulation (Dr Jim Bullock, iFormulate)

1145 – 1215: An introduction to Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) (Dr Damiano Cattaneo, Surface Measurement Systems)

1215 – 1315: Lunch

Afternoon session

1300 – 1345: Vapour Sorption Properties of Personal Care Products (Dr Majid Naderi, Surface Measurement Systems)

1345 – 1430: DVS Instrument demo/Q&A

Refreshment and light lunch will be provided.

For more information, please email Ms Nektaria Servi. To register, please fill-in the information below.

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