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Materials Characterization using Inverse Gas Chromatography-SEA technique

This free workshop covers in-depth Inverse Gas Chromatography – Surface Energy Analyzer (iGC-SEA), the most-advanced scientific instrument in determining surface energy.

The iGC-SEA provides unique access to the following physico-chemical properties of a wide range of solid materials in a controlled humidity environment as dispersive and polar surface energies, heats and entropies of adsorption, acid/base interactions, phase transitions and surface energy heterogeneity mapping for multiple applications as Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Food Products and Ingredients, Minerals and Coals, Building Materials, Flavourings and Perfumes, Natural and Artificial Fibres, Polymers, Fillers and Composites, Microporous Materials.

Speakers from industry and academia will discuss iGC-SEA, from theory to common applications and present real case studies. In addition, an instrument demonstration will follow after the presentations.

Date: Friday, 29th April 2016

Time: 9am – 3pm (CEST)

Venue: LFG Seminar Room (Room no. 0.332), Cauerstraße 4, Building 121.03, 91058 Erlangen University, Germany

You can either reach the University by car, cab, tram or busses.

For trams 30 and 295, the stop is “Erlangen Süd”.

For buses 280, 293 and 287, stop would be “Erlangen Stettiner Straße”. University is 5 to 10 minutes walk depending on the bus you are coming to university with.


Morning session

0900 – 0915: Registration / Welcome (Thomas Schmid, Surface Measurement Systems)

0915 – 1000: Surface Characterization of Particles (Prof. Dr. W. Peukert, M.Sc. Maria-Melanie Sattes University Erlangen, Institute of Particle Technology)

1000 – 1045: Surface Energy Studies of Pharmaceutical Powders Using iGC (Dr. Daryl Williams, Imperial College London)

1045 – 1100: Coffee break

1100 – 1130: The Principle of Inverse Gas Chromatography-SEA and its Latest Applications (Dr. Anett Kondor, Surface Measurement Systems)

1130 – 12:15: IGC Analysis of Mineral Particles with Adsorbed Amphiphilic Collector Molecules of the Flotation Process – Surface Heterogeneities (Dr. Martin Rudolph, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendor)

12:15 – 1315: Lunch

Afternoon session

Demonstration of iGC-SEA instrument by Dr Anett Kondor, Surface Measurement Systems

1315 – 1330: Sample Preparation, Probe Molecules and Quick Method Set-Up: A Training for Good Practice (workshop room)

1330 – 1400: Cirrus SEA Control and CIRRUS Plus SEA Analysis Software Demonstration Simple and difficult Show Cases (workshop room)

1400 – 1500: Instrument demonstration at laboratory

Refreshment and light lunch will be provided. For further information, please email Mr Thomas Schmid.
To register, please fill-in the information below or email Zen Limuco. (Please note, the form works best with Google Chrome and Safari).

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