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The Use of Vapor Sorption Techniques to Characterize Wood and Bio-based Materials

Date: Thursday, 23 July 2015

Time: 10am (GMT), 45 minutes duration

Location: Online

Event type: Webinar


Agricultural by-products are the ideal carbon neutral substitutes for synthetic insulation materials in building industry. Moisture is the main enemy in all forms of construction and the evaluation of solid-water interactions on these complex biopolymers is important due to their biological decomposition at high moisture environment. The rate of vapour diffusion into the material is the decisive factor in determining the rate of decomposition and behaviour of the wood based materials at different humidities and temperatures in different countries. Moisture infusion through a building’s outer structure can have a significant effect on indoor air quality increasing the risk of respiratory infections, allergic reactions, fungi and mould growth.

The demand for structural analysis of wood based materials has resulted in the application of gravimetric and chromatographic characterisation methods based on solid-vapour interactions. In addition, the DVS technique would allow a combination of different humidities and elevated temperatures for the fire and thermal resistance studies of the materials, which are required by the building standards.

Who is it for?:

This webinar summarizes some of the recent DVS studies on the performance of wood based composites and would benefit the environmental agencies, building standards and researchers who are working on cellulose, biomass, archaeological wood and building materials. People working on the effect of humidity on indoor air quality, surface condensation, mould growth, bacteria, viruses and allergic reactions would also benefit from the webinar.

Presenter: Prof. Daryl Williams

Prof. Daryl Williams is the Director of the Discovery Space and Reader in Particle Science at the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial College and founder of Surface Measurement Systems Ltd.

Format: 45-minute presentation

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