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Online talk on Advances in Dynamic Vapor Sorption Method and Surface Energy Characterization

The webinar specially designed for industry professionals and researchers in Belgium. It will cover the DVS and iGC in detail, from theory to common applications in sorption science. Individuals whose studies are in the fields of pharmaceuticals, bio-pharma, food, building material, catalysts, zeolites and nano materials will gain better understanding on the uses and benefits of using DVS and IGC techniques.


Dr Majid Naderi is the Laboratory Manager and one of the Application Scientists at Surface Measurement Systems. His academic degrees include MSc in Petrochemicals and PhD in Physical Chemistry.

Organised by Surface Measurement Systems and Ankersmid M&C Bvba, the webinar will be divided into two sessions: DVS and iGC. Participants will have a chance to send their questions before and during each session, where it will be answered during Q&A. And if you have a particular interest on any DVS and iGC applications, please email us your interest and Dr Naderi will try to use samples from your choice of applications and tackle this on his presentation.

The webinar comprises of two sessions: DVS and iGC.

DVS Session
Date and time: 23 October 2015, 11am (GMT+2:00) 25 minutes + Q&A

iGC Session
Date and time: 23 October 2015, 2pm (GMT+2:00) 25 minutes + Q&A