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Our instruments are regularly used to investigate molecular diffusion and sorption in polymers


Moisture diffusion and permeability is key to the performance of polymers and packaging materials. The DVS instrument is ideal for determining these properties for a wide range of polymers and packaging systems.

Solvent sorption and Swelling
Most polymers and packaging materials can undergo significant interactions with solvents, in both liquid and gas phase environments. This can be reflected in significant levels of solvent uptake or sorption when exposed to select vapours. A key feature of the DVS instruments is that they are designed to allow solvent sorption behavior to be readily studied. Both equilibrium and kinetics data on solvent sorption and polymer swelling can be easily obtained using these approaches.

Application Note 39: Measuring Moisture Sorption and Diffusion Kinetics on Proton Exchange Membranes Using the DVS
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Application Note 49: Measuring Water Vapor Flux Across Model Proton Exchange Membranes | Request a copy

Water sorption isotherms
Glass transition temperature
Molecular diffusion and permeability
Surface energy

Featured DVS instrument



DVS Endeavour

Key measuring capabilities:

  • Simultaneous 5X sample measurement
  • Organic and Water vapor sorption kinetics
  • Organic vapor sorption in a fixed RH background
  • Real-time partial pressure measurement and control
  • Water vapor sorption isotherms from 10 to 70 oC
  • Organic vapor sorption isotherms from 10 to 70 oC
  • In-situ drying of samples to 200 oC
  • Optional Color Video Microscopy/Fiber Optic Probe Spectroscopy
  • True0™ drying at 0.0% RH

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