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The world’s top 20 pharmaceuticals companies use DVS method

Pharmaceuticals materials, in their many physical forms, offer a wide range of complex behavior, often dependent on their complex crystalline and amorphous morphologies. Surface Measurement Systems instruments have become the industry standard for the characterisation of solid state dosage forms in the pharmaceutical industry.

Drying and dehydration

The moisture sorption properties of many solid state materials, especially organic materials are critical for the characterisation of their drying and shelf life stability. In the past 10 years the DVS method invented by Surface Measurement Systems has become the standard laboratory method for studying drying and dehydration behaviour.

Application Note 36: Investigation of Hydrate Formation and Loss Using the DVS | Request a copy

Amorphous content
Hydrates and morphology
Vapour Pressure
Water sorption isotherms
Diffusion and permeability
Stability testing
Formulation performance

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