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Food and food ingredients can absorb up to 50% by mass of moisture from the air

Food and food ingredients are often very hygroscopic materials. The final performance and stability of these materials necessitates careful consideration of moisture uptake in the materials, as well as the associated packaging system. Problems with drying, caking, product stability are common and can often be traced to moisture issues. Water sorption isotherms obtained using our DVS instruments is industry standard way of understanding these challenging problems.

Drying and dehydration
The moisture sorption properties of many solid state materials, especially organic materials are critical for the characterisation of their drying and shelf life stability. In the past 10 years the DVS method invented by Surface Measurement Systems has become the standard laboratory method for studying drying and dehydration behaviour.

Application Note 08: Moisture Sorption of Coffee Granules Studied using the DVS-µScope | Request a copy

Application Note 11: Moisture Stability of Powdered Milk Formulations | Request a copy

Application Note 20: Caking of Lemon Flavour Powdered Drink Using DVS Humidity Cycling | Request a copy

Application Note 21: Moisture Sorption on Tobacco of Various Origins | Request a copy

Application Note 22: A Simple Shelf Life Prediction of Crackers | Request a copy

Application Note 23: The Water Sorption Properties of Ramyun Noodles | Request a copy

Application Note 27: Hygroscopicity of Japanese Green Tea Powder | Request a copy

Application Note 503: Investigating Dried Milk Powders Using Optical Microscopy at Different Humidity Conditions
| Request a copy

Powder caking
Water sorption isotherms
Glass transition temperature
Water activity
Permeability of packaging
Stability testing
Formulation performance

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