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There are nowadays many classes of building materials, ranging from the ubiquitous cement and concrete, to the expanding field of composites based on natural materials. Advanced vapor sorption methods can improve our understanding of the sorption behavior of these materials, and help us predict their behavior in real world conditions.

Asphalt is a building material consisting of minerals and bitumen, the latter acting as the binder. The affinity of minerals to bitumen is highly important for the quality of the asphalt composition. In practice, it is often observed that similar minerals give different affinities with the same bitumen. To try to understand this fact, surface energy experiments can yield the necessary information. Moreover, specific interactions with polar probe molecules can provide interesting data about the acid-base chemistry of the surface. The Inverse Gas Chromatography Surface Energy Analyser (iGC-SEA) is an excellent analytical instrument suited to obtain the required information for the analysis.

Application Note 211: An Investigation of Minerals used in Asphalt by Inverse Gas Chromatography at Infinite Dilution. | Request a copy


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