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Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) is a gravimetric sorption technique that measures how quickly and how much of a solvent is absorbed by a sample: such as a dry powder absorbing water. It does this by varying the vapor concentration surrounding the sample and measuring the change in mass which this produces. Water vapor is most commonly used, but it is also possible to use a wide range of organic solvents.

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DVS Application note 42: Using the DVS to Investigate Moisture-Induced Crystallization Kinetics

DVS Application note 45: Investigation of Desolvation Kinetics Using the DVS

DVS Application note 101: DVS Pharmaceutical Overview

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DVS Endeavour

Key measuring capabilities:

  • Simultaneous 5X sample measurement
  • Organic and Water vapor sorption kinetics
  • Organic vapor sorption in a fixed RH background
  • Real-time partial pressure measurement and control
  • Water vapor sorption isotherms from 10 to 70 oC
  • Organic vapor sorption isotherms from 10 to 70 oC
  • In-situ drying of samples to 200 oC
  • Optional Color Video Microscopy/Fiber Optic Probe Spectroscopy
  • True0™ drying at 0.0% RH

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