Industrial Applications

Providing unparalleled insight and accuracy through the use of DVS (Dynamic Vapor Sorption) and iGC (Inverse Gas Chromatography) gravimetric sorption techniques, our instruments are employed by a range of industries to further their research into new products and innovations.


Pharmaceuticals materials, in their many physical forms, offer a wide range of complex behavior, often dependent on their complex crystalline and amorphous morphologies.

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Polymers & Packaging

Moisture diffusion and permeability are key to the performance of polymers and packaging materials. DVS instruments are ideal for determining these properties.

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The formulation, performance and stability of fertilizers, plant growth agents, pesticides and herbicides are often critically effected by moisture.

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Food & Fine Chemicals

Water sorption isotherms obtained using our DVS instruments is industry standard way of understanding drying, caking and product stability.

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Bio & Natural Materials

Bio & natural materials tend to be hydrophilic in their chemical nature, thus containing significant amounts of water. They are thus very susceptible to humidity.

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Fibers & Fillers

Learn adhesion performance, flow behaviour, surface energetics, moisture uptake and diffusion for fiber and filler applications using DVS and iGC techniques.

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Adsorption studies using water and organic vapors are a powerful way to characterize catalysts and adsorbents, a vital research component across a range of sectors.

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Building Materials

Learn how the advanced vapor sorption methods can improve our understanding of the sorption behavior of cement and concrete and composites based on natural materials.

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Nano & Porous Materials

Many products in the filtration, drying, membrane and catalysts sector depend upon a detailed understanding of molecular diffusion and sorption phenomena.

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