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Nitesh Karande, Field Science Engineer, Vilas Bendre, Director of Sales & Operations – SMS Instruments Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Majid Naderi, Science Development Manager. Daniel Villalobos, Global Sales Management

Surface Measurement Systems Expands Their Operations in India

Surface Measurement Systems the inventor of Dynamic Vapor Sorption instruments and only producer of iGC-SEA has expands it operations in India under a subsidiary SMS Instruments Pvt. Ltd. The expansion aims to help the growing market for DVS in the region as well as to provide a hands-on scientific assistance to existing customers.

Speaking to Mr. Vilas Bendre, Director of Sales and Operations “We are delighted of this expansion. This is a good opportunity to continue the strong, long-standing relationship with Surface Measurement Systems’ current and future customers in the region.”

Last summer, Dr. Majid Naderi (Science Development Manager) and Mr. Daniel Villalobos, (Global Sales Management) visited India to launch the expansion alongside, Mr. Bendre and Nitesh Karande, Field Service and Installation Engineer.

To contact SMS Instruments Pvt. Ltd, please email Mr. Vilas Bendre [email protected]

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