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IGC Symposium 2015

Speakers and Presentations

Using Inverse Gas Chromatography to Measure Processing Effects on Cellulose Nanofibril Surface Energy
Dr Douglas Gardner, University of Maine

Application of Inverse Chromatography Techniques to Separation and Materials Science In Industry-Government-Academic Research for 50 Years
Dr Jerry Wayne King, University of Arkansas

Coupling Bulk and Surface Properties to Predict Powder Flowability: Statistical Approach and the Granular Bond Number
Dr Raimundo Ho, AbbVie

Application of iGC for Formulation Development
Mr Vincent Abeyta, Boehinger-Ingelheim

Particle Engineering in Pharmaceutical Solids: Surface Energy Considerations
Dr Daryl Williams, Imperial College London

An Investigation Into the Potential Use of Insilico Prediction Techniques in Rationalising Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) Behaviour
Dr David Merrifield, University of Leeds

Applications of IGC to Mineral Processing
Prof Kristian Edmund Waters, McGill University

Applications of IGC on Biocomposites
Angelica Legras, University of Queensland

Utility of Inverse Gas Chromatography in Consumer Product Research and Development
Steve Page, Procter & Gamble

Understanding the Impact of Bulk and Surface Characteristics of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients on Their Cohesion and Blending Behaviour
Dolapo Olusamni, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)

Application Science Support: Practical Advices to BET SSA samples (e.g fibers, powders, films)
Anett Kondor, Surface Measurement Systems Ltd.

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