23 – 27 May 2022

Online Festival

All the latest in iGC

iGC-SEA Week took place 23 – 27 May 2022 as a week-long online festival for the Inverse Gas Chromatography community, bringing useful content and educational experiences directly to you, without registration, fees, or time away from the office.

Inverse Gas Chromatography is a powerful technique for materials characterization, providing unparalleled insight and accuracy in surface property analysis. As the inventor of the world’s first purpose-built (and still most advanced) instrument employing the technique, the iGC-SEA, Surface Measurement Systems have been pioneers of the technique for over two decades.

iGC-SEA Application Note Pack

On the first day of iGC-SEA Week, we’ll be released a combined pack of all our recent Application & Technical Notes and Case Studies. Filled with useful and practical information on the iGC technique and our own iGC-SEA instrument, it’s a great resource for researchers, whether you want an introduction to the method, or are an active user.

Download the application notes

Online Workshop: Novel Research on Applications of Surface Energy Analysis

An in-depth online workshop featuring leading experts on iGC, exploring their recent research into applications of surface energy analysis.

This session was delivered by two of Surface Measurement Systems leading scientific authorities, Prof. Daryl Williams and Dr. Daniel J. Burnett. Listeners hear about their latest findings employing iGC in real-world research applications, and have an opportunity to engage them directly in a live Q&A.

Watch the workshop

iGC Scientific Bulletin

Every month, more and more case studies and articles are published with valuable insights provided using the Inverse Gas Chromatography method. We’ve gathered these together in a single useful collection to enable you to catch up on the last 6 months of published research, and keep a useful list of references for your future research.

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Webinar: New IGC Application Spaces for High Temperature Measurements

Giving you your first look at a brand new iGC product from Surface Measurement Systems, leading global expert of iGC Dr. Anett Kondor explores brand new applications employing a high temperature oven. This hugely exciting webinar offers a unique look at what’s in store for the future of iGC-SEA.

Watch the webinar

iGC-SEA Scientific Directory 2019

We are very excited to bring you the next release in our Sorption Directory series. Delivering a useful glossary of historical studies employing iGC, this document will be a valuable resource in finding past studies in specific fields published in 2019.

Access the scientific directory