Introducing the DVS Discovery – the world’s most advanced dual balance gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer

Surface Measurement Systems have announced the newest addition to their line of Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) instruments – the DVS Discovery. This innovative dual-balance gravimetric sorption analyzer brings together great features of the DVS range with higher throughput for a powerful new offering.

By combining an innovative dual balance design with outstanding vapor generation and temperature control, the DVS Discovery offers increased high throughput. With the ability to run two samples simultaneously, researchers can greatly reduce operator time with no sacrifice to the accuracy and detail of the data. Along with a range of modular capabilities, and its ability to run water & organic solvents, the DVS Discovery is a high-spec machine that is a great option for labs of any size.

Measurements made possible by the DVS Discovery include moisture sorption kinetics & isotherms, organic vapor sorption studies, partial pressure plots, specific surface area calculations, diffusion/cohesion measurement & amorphous content.

The DVS Discovery has a range of useful design features, including easy sample loading & access to reference chamber, in-situ sample drying/activation, multiple reservoir volume selection, and the ability to use a range of different probe molecules such as water, organic vapors and gases at ambient conditions. In addition, the instrument is compatible with a range of modular accessories, greatly adding to its characterization capabilities. These include hyphenation with spectroscopic techniques (Raman, UV, IR, NIR), a 200x color camera to monitor morphological changes, and a pre-heater to precondition samples up to 200oC.

The DVS Discovery is an exciting new offering for the Dynamic Vapor Sorption range, offering labs of every size the ability to run two samples in parallel, identify batch-to-batch variation, and determine the sorption properties of different materials at a much faster pace. Find out more & see the full instrument technical specification on the DVS Discovery product page.