DVS Application Note 01 – Validation of Relative Humidity using Saturated Salt Solutions pdf
DVS Application Note 02 – Moisture Sorption of EC Standard Reference Material RM 302 on a DVS-1 Instrument DVS Application Note 02 PDF pdf
DVS Application Note 10 – Direct Visualization of Moisture Induced Morphological Transformations using a combination of DVS and in-situ Colour Video Microscopy DVS Application Note 10 PDF pdf
DVS Application Note 46 – Combining Raman Spectroscopy with Gravimetric Vapour Sorption Analysis for Pharmaceutical Materials DVS Application Note 46 PDF pdf
DVS Application Note 57 – Characterization of Wheat Straw for Biofuel Application DVS Application Note 57 PDF pdf
DVS Application Note 104 – Vapor Sorption Properties of Building Materials using Gravimetric Sorption Instrumentation – an Overview DVS Application Note 104 PDF pdf

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