Updated Information about the outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19

Based on the current developments regarding Coronavirus Covid-19, Surface Measurement Systems Ltd (SMS), has implemented a series of policies to protect both employees and their families, as well as our clients and partners.

We are placing a high priority on maintaining business continuity and taking steps to make sure we serve and support our customers across the world, ensuring our continued support with the least amount of disruption as possible.

We are now in a position to announce some of the steps we have taken as lockdown has started to be eased in many parts of the world. We have put in all the relevant measures to protect our staff, and are strictly following National Governments guidelines.

This means that:

Our North American office in Allentown PA will be back to full operational capacity on the 1st of June.

Our Operations in the UK will be back to almost full capacity on June the 8th, and our field service engineers will be able to operate from May the 25th within the United Kingdom.

We also have put in place a contingency plan to support our customers based in Europe which will allow continued support, we would hope to be able to start this in the middle of June depending on Government advise. Our employees in India are still subject to strict lockdown rules and we will update as soon as we can once we get a clearer picture.

We will soon be asking you to help us with our planning to be able to support you by providing a simple questionnaire, that tells us what measures you have in place, and what measures we need to take once on your premises.

During this period SMS has continued to assist our customers with support, and has performed many very successful webinars on many topics. Please continue to look out for these as we will continue to provide these on many different applications and techniques.

Our commitment to our clients and employees always remains our priority as we continue through these uncertain times.

Thank you for your support and continued loyalty.

Professor Daryl Williams
Managing Director