scientific meetings

International conferences and scientific meetings in Sorption Science 2020

Please join Surface Measurement Systems in the upcoming international conferences, adsorption schools and symposium in 2020.

Asia and Europe

SCI From Science to Shelf: Innovating through Formulation, 21 -22 Jan, London, UK.

NL Catalysis and Chemistry Conference, 4-6 March, Noordwijkerhout, NL.

German Zeolite Conference, 25- 27 March, Hanover, Germany.

Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations, 31 Mar – 02 April, Leeds, UK.

Adsorption School, 23-24 April, University of Strathclyde, UK.

International Conference on Bio-based Materials, 12-13 May, Cologne, Germany

16th Coatings Science International, 22-26 June, Noordwijk, NL.

AuxDefense 2020, 6-7 July, Porto, Portugal

Advanced Materials & Batteries, 8-9 July, Coventry, UK

IV Workshop on Adsorption, Catalyisis and Porous Materials, 15-17 July, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Columbia

2nd European Symposium on Sorption Science, 2-4 Sep, University of Vienna, Austria

40th Cement & Concrete Science Conference, 9-10 Sep, Sheffield, UK

North and South America

Adhesion Society Meeting, 23-26 Feb, Charleston, SC.

ACS Spring, 22-26 March, Philadelphia, PA.

13th World Filtration Congress (WFC13), 20-24 April, San Diego, CA.

RDD, 26-30 April, Palm Desert, CA.

3rd Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) Symposium, 11-12 May, Philadelphia, PA.

Gordon Conference, 28 June – 03 July, Lewistown, ME.

IFT, 11-15 July, Chicago, IL.

Controlled Release Society 2020, 20 July, Las Vegas, NV

IMRC, 16-21 August, Cancun Mexico.

ACS (American Chemical Society), 16-20 August, San Francisco, CA.

AAPS, 25-28 October, New Orleans, LA.

AiCHE, 15-20 November, San Francisco, CA.