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New Product Flyer: BTA Frontier

Introducing... We are happy to unveil the BTA Frontier, the latest offering in the SMS product line. The BTA Frontier employs Breakthrough Analysis to measure competitive adsorption with flow capture, using a variety of gas, vapors, and sample types. This new instrument can employ single or multi-component adsorbate streams and test [...]

New Product Flyer: BTA Frontier2022-12-19T16:38:24+00:00

Product Range Flyer

The SMS Instrument Range FlyerWith new instruments out and the capabilities of existing products being constantly expanded, we have created a new edition of our Instrument Range Flyer. Showcase our diverse array of DVS and iGC analyzers, this new flyer breaksdown the capabilities of each instrument, and provides a simple guide for users to quickly [...]

Product Range Flyer2022-12-21T11:58:34+00:00

Sorption Science Bulletin – 2022

Sorption Science Bulletin 2022 We are happy to present this collection of Application Notes and Case Studies, as well as reference guide to a range of collaborative studies we worked on with our partners over 2022. We hope they provide useful guidance and insight for your next sorption experiment. SMS [...]

Sorption Science Bulletin – 20222022-12-16T14:17:33+00:00

DVS Application Note 67

DVS Application Note 67 This application note will focus on the hydrogen–deuterium exchange approach, which is a well-established method and is widely used to determine hydroxyl group accessibility. We report the application of Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) method for determining the amount of hydroxyl groups accessible for deuteration in cellulosic material.  [...]

DVS Application Note 672022-09-15T12:31:37+00:00

Staff News – July 2022

Staff News - July 2022 As such a dynamic company, employees at Surface Measurement Systems are always gaining new qualifications, achievements, and positions. We are also welcoming new staff and saying goodbye to old friends across the world. We wanted to give you a quick summary of all the changes and achievements of our [...]

Staff News – July 20222022-08-03T10:44:26+00:00

CRF Flyer: Out Now

CFR Flyer 21 CFR Part 11 of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations is a necessary requirement for many of our users in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We offer the option of a compliant software that integrates with our control and analysis suites seamlessly. Tracking, recording, and storing your entire data process from [...]

CRF Flyer: Out Now2022-08-03T09:58:50+00:00

Consumables Catalogue: Out now

Consumables Catalogue DVS & iGC-SEA Instrumentation The consumables catalogue gives you a straightforward guide of everything you need from DVS sample pans to iGC-SEA glass columns for your SMS instrument. Find what you are looking for and then place an order with us at [email protected] or contact your SMS sales representative. [...]

Consumables Catalogue: Out now2022-07-13T18:37:23+00:00

DVS Payne Cell Flyer Out Now

DVS Payne Cell Flyer Access the new flyer for the DVS Payne Cell, which is designed to be used with our full range of DVS instruments to measure permeability and flux rates of thin films. As an available accessory for our DVS instruments, the Payne Cell will enable water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) measurements [...]

DVS Payne Cell Flyer Out Now2022-08-04T13:38:36+00:00

Updated Instrument Brochures Now Available

Updated Brochures Released for DVS Vacuum and Vapor Pressure Analyzer We have made a number of upgrades to our DVS Vacuum and Vapor Pressure Analyzers instruments, including new vacuum pumps and incubators to name a few. You can now download the updated Product Brochures containing all the latest specs and capabilities of these systems. [...]

Updated Instrument Brochures Now Available2022-08-03T13:42:45+00:00

New SMS Showcases Out Now

The Latest Product Showcases from Surface Measurement Systems We are excited to unveil the newest releases in the Surface Measurement Systems Showcase series. You can now view the SMS Company Showcase to discover what makes our company and intruments so innovative and unique. Also out now is our newest instrument showcase, detailing the world's [...]

New SMS Showcases Out Now2022-08-03T15:27:15+00:00
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