iGC Scientific Bulletin – Dec 2021

Please find below a useful collection of iGC related research and studies from the last 6 months, delivered by the SMS science team with their research partners around the world.

Pavani Cherukupally, Wei Sun, Daryl R. Williams, Geoffrey A. Ozin, and Amy M. Bilton, Reclamation of Oily Wastewater at High Temperatures Using Thermosetting Polyurethane-Nanosilicon Sponges, ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2021

Anett Kondor, Alba Santmarti, Andreas Mautner, Daryl Williams, Alexander Bismarck and Koon-Yang Lee, On the BET Surface Area of Nanocellulose Determined Using Volumetric, Gravimetric and Chromatographic Adsorption Methods, Front. Chem. Eng., 14 September 2021

Anett Kondor, Damiano Cattaneo, Sabiyah J Ahmed, Armando R Garcia, Daniel J Burnett & Daryl Williams, Comprehensive Surface Characterization of Cellulose-Based Tissues Using Sorption Techniques, Materials Circular Economy, Vol. 3 2021

Marco Beaumont, Caio G. Otoni, Bruno D. Mattos, Tetyana V. Koso, Roozbeh Abidnejad, Bin Zhao O, Anett Kondor, Alistair W. T. King and Orlando J. Rojas, Regioselective and water-assisted surface esterification of never-dried cellulose: nanofibers with adjustable surface energy, Green Chem., 2021, 23, 6966-6974

Mayu Suzuki, Anett Kondor, Yuma Sakuraba, Orlando J. Rojas, Mariko Ago, Electromagnetic Transparency of Composites of Unsaturated Polyester and Nanolignin: Morphological and Surface Energy Considerations, Prepint, 2021

Elizabeth H. Denis, Carlos G. Fraga, Nicholas L. Huggett, William C. Weaver, Lydia A. Rush, Brian P. Dockendorff, Angel S. Breton-Vega, and April J. Carman, Physicochemical Gas–Solid Sorption Properties of Geologic Materials Using Inverse Gas Chromatography, Langmuir 2021, 37, 23, 6887–689

Sk Faisal Kabir, Renfei Zheng, Anca G. Delgado, Elham H.Fini, Use of microbially desulfurized rubber to produce sustainable rubberized bitumen, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol. 164, 2021

Elizabeth H. Denis, Anett Kondor, Daniel J. Burnett and Daryl R. Williams, Determining Diffusion and Mass Transport Properties of Catalyst Particles and Adsorbents using Inverse Gas Chromatography, Surface Measurement Systems, 2021, IGC-SEA Case Study 619, P-SCI-466 v1.1 25June2021 (Download below)

A Kondor, D.J. Burnett and Daryl Williams, Infinite Dilution and Surface Energy Heterogeneity Profile by iGC-SEA, Surface Measurement Systems, IGC-SEA Technical Note 807, 2020, P-SCI-463 v1.0 26August2020 (Download below)

Recent Technical Notes and Case Studies

  • Technical Note 705: The Effect of Temperature on Moisture Sorption Kinetics in Microcrystalline Cellulose

  • Technical Note 706: Application of DSC Pans for DVS Experiments on Low Density and Active powders

  • Technical Note 808: Reproducibility of the Dispersive Component of Surface Energy Measured by Inverse Gas Chromatography – Part 2. Instrument-to-Instrument Variations

  • Case Study 619: Determining Diffusion and Mass Transport Properties of Catalyst Particles and Adsorbents using inverse Gas Chromatography

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