Absorbable Hemostatic Aggregates

Allen Y. Wang,*† Joseph Rafalko,∥∥ Melinda MacDonald, Xintian Ming,§ and Richard Kocharian#

Biosurgery R&D, ∥∥Analytical Characterization, §Product Microbiology, and #Medical Affairs, ETHICON, Inc., Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, Route 22 West, Somerville, New Jersey 08876-0151, United States Preclinical Center of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, Route 22 West, Somerville, New Jersey, 08876-0151, United States.

ABSTRACT: Topical absorbable hemostats are routinely utilized in surgical procedures to assist in controlling intraoperative bleeding. SURGICEL Original Absorbable Hemostat, one of the most frequently used adjunctive hemostats, is composed of oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC). We report here that a novel powdered form of ORC, composed of aggregates of ORC fine fibers, provides additional valuable hemostatic performance characteristics and retains the biochemical and bactericidal profile of the parent ORC fabric. The ORC aggregates are more effective in promoting coagulation than their constituent ORC fine fibers because of more favorable surface energetics and surface area. Aggregates with similar particle size distributions that have higher sphericity values exhibit better coagulation efficacy. Finally, ORC aggregates more effectively promote clot formation than starch-based hemostatic particles. The results of this investigation indicate that the efficacy of this novel powdered hemostat is based on its chemical composition, morphology, and particle surface energetics.

KEYWORDS: hemostat, oxidized regenerated cellulose, powder, surface energy, bactericidal

Link to the article: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acsbiomaterials.7b00382

Articles on DVS and iGC-SEA instruments: https://www.surfacemeasurementsystems.com/articles-dvs-igc-sea/

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