Instrumentation Development Engineer, United Kingdom

Instrumentation Development Engineer

Department: Research & Development
Location: Alperton, UK
Contract: Permanent/Full-time

Surface Measurement Systems is an expanding scientific instrumentation manufacturer specializing in advanced instrumentation for materials characterization based on chromatographic and gravimetric sorption methods.

We currently have a position for an Instrumentation Development Engineer.

Role Objective:

• To be instrumental in the design of the scientific instruments made by Surface Measurement Systems
• Support devices currently in production and to carry out new product developments having significant technical input in the electro-mechanical design aspect of scientific instrumentation
• Able to build and test new prototype instruments
• Support the transition of prototypes from R&D into production
• Design upgrades/modifications to in-service devices and associated instrumentation
• To provide practical support to the R&D, Applications Science, Service and Production teams

Roles & Responsibilities

The Instrumentation Development Engineer is required to execute the role as defined above.

• Produce creative and functional instrumentation designs within the deadlines of the project(s)
• Be able to build and test prototype instruments
• Ability to multitask and deliver projects on-time within budget
• Ensure that form, fit, function, cost and ease of manufacture are satisfied during the product design/development process
• Support for devices transferred to production, and in-service production engineering issues
• Investigate and implement engineering change requests as defined in the quality system
• Responsible for the creation, and tracking of engineering and design issues
• Ensure effective project planning, design implementation, and reporting
• Report and present progress of projects to all levels of staff, including R&D review meetings
• Liaise with on and off-site production facilities during device manufacture

Required Skills:

The position of Instrumentation Development Engineer requires an experienced engineer capable in a broad range of skills. They should be able to demonstrate broad-based skills in overall electro-mechanical design with the ability to execute the designs methodically.

The Applicant should be able to demonstrate at least 5 of the following:

• An understanding of first engineering principles, advanced engineering methods as well as design and process excellence methodologies in product development
• Experience sensors, transducers and measurement devices, both digital and analogue such as pressure, temperature and flow measurement
• Experience of CAM/CAD systems (such as Inventor, AutoCAD, Proteus, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Ideas, NX, or CATIA)
• A basic level of knowledge of the principles of electronic circuit design and PCB manufacture
• Some experience of using software for instrument testing, data acquisition and control (e.g. Python, Labview or similar) Knowledge of different control methodologies (such as PID) and the use of PWM waveforms for process control
• And understanding of simple optical systems such as used for position or proximity control
• The ability to write technical documentation for internal and external use, and experience of the generation of production and test documentation

The Instrumentation Development Engineer should have previous experience, including:

• Experience of working in a development support/production engineering role
• Experience of instrumentation including development
• Successful contribution to engineering and/or design projects.

In addition, good technical communication skills are essential.

Qualifications & Education Requirements:

The position requires a person with a degree (B.Sc. / B.Eng./ M.Eng or equivalent) in a scientific discipline (physics/chemistry), or engineering, chemical, electronic or mechanical design, systems engineering or similar discipline, or 2-3 years of professional experience working in a similar environment.

You will be working in a small team with other engineers and scientists and should not only be able to work as a member of a team but must also be self-reliant and show personal initiative in order to get on effectively with project work independently.

For enquiries or to send your CV, please email [email protected] with subject line “Instrumentation Development Engineer”.