2021: The Year of SMS Trailers

2021 was a year that saw Surface Measurement Systems revolutionize it’s marketing campaigns. From virtual Symposiums, to revitalized branding and marketing materials, this year our Marketing department have been on a mission to rejuvenate how Surface Measurement Systems interacts with its audience.

With many exciting announcements coming in the next few months (keep those eyes peeled), we wanted to share one project which has seen great success: The SMS Instrument Trailers. An engaging, simple way to gain some quick insight into our instruments, this campaign kicked off with the release of our newest instrument, the DVS Discovery, earlier this year. We are now happy to reveal for the first time the next TWO trailers in this campaign, for our iGC-SEA and the DVS Intrinsic.

Check out all three of our trailers below, and keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for more.

  DVS Discovery

The DVS Discovery is the latest release in the Dynamic Vapor Sorption range, enabling a higher throughput with the same level of accuracy and detail expected from our instruments.


The new iGC-SEA trailer highlights the many unique innovations the instrument offers, including the tailor-made control & analysis software that supports the new reality of remote working.

  DVS Intrinsic PLUS

We’re excited to announce the release of the new trailer for the DVS Intrinsic PLUS, our hugely popular, compact DVS analyzer for complex water sorption challenges.